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Many are called, few are chosen

You know how from time to time you hear an idea that touches the depths of your soul while at the same time pushes your curiosity to the point of no return and you just have to know more? That's what happened when I heard about Brad and Marcia Hager and their goal to teach one hundred people how to become millionaires: I had to know more.

100 people, 100 millionaires. Was it possible? Curious? Maybe, like me, you want to know more. When you're talking about a million dollars, you're talking about the benchmark of wealth. The starting point.

Questions: How are they going to do this? When are they going to do this? Why are they doing it? And of course, who will be these one hundred people, and where will they come from? Interestingly enough, when I was sharing this story with a friend, he wanted to know how he could get his name on the list of one hundred. I thought: I bet thousands would like to know that.

Curiosity killed the cat, and it was killing me too, so I placed a couple of phone calls to track down these two millionaire-makers and set up an interview.

I wasn't sure what to expect from people who have such lofty goals but I knew at the very least I was in for an interesting experience. It turns out that Brad and Marcia are ordinary people that like to do extraordinary things. Like starting a marketing group two and a half years ago that generates over twenty million in sales today. What's so extraordinary about that? For starters, they don't have an office, manufacturing company, warehouse or employees.

Brad and Marcia HagerAs Marcia Hager says "All we need is a cell phone and access to the internet and we can do business from anywhere in the world." Explaining that their love to travel and recent vacations to Cabo San Lucas, Paris France as well as the many cruises they take, doesn't impede their ability to do business, she says, "We take our lap tops, cell phones, nanny and children and we're off to another city or country for as long as we want. At the same time if we choose to stay home, enjoy life here in Vegas, we can run our business by the pool."

Marcia Hager, originally from Idaho, for 12 years owned her own manufacturing and marketing company. While being very successful and enjoying perks-such as owning a private plane with a pilot on call twenty four-seven-going into an office everyday and dealing with employees became less and less attractive. "It seems the more successful the company became, the more time I was putting in; taking away the freedom to do the things I love to do. I wanted my life back", Marcia says.

Brad Hager grew up in North Carolina and moved West about ten years ago. In his earlier days he worked on the freight docks for trucking companies, eventually working his way to a supervisor position, and then into sales. The excitement of working for a Fortune 200 company, having a company car and expense account soon faded when the downsizing started. Brad says around this time a friend lit the entrepreneur spark in him, which turned into a flame that has never gone out.

Brad Hager EventHager decided to cast off the corporate chains and step out on his own. He became an independent contractor and began building sales teams for various marketing companies. Success soon followed and Brad built a sales organization of over 65,000 people in 14 countries. With people on his team making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, Brad Hager realized he could teach people how to make money… and a lot of it.

Brad Hager talked about it and, in his zeal for what he was excited by became one of the top motivational speakers and trainers in the country. Brad Hager's forte is sales but his expertise is personal growth. "I love to help people improve. I believe in the philosophy that your income growth will never ever exceed your personal growth," Brad says. Because of this belief that he has passed along, some of the men and women that he's trained now earn more in a week than the average American earns in a year. Which brings us to the one hundred millionaires. When you combine Brad and Marcia's talents with their passion for helping other people and their unwavering belief in freedom, lives will be changed.

Brad Hager FerrariWhen the Hagers became independent contractors and started their new marketing group in May of 2001, two things were certain: They were going to build a large sales team and the people on this team were going to make big money without giving up the freedom to do the things they enjoy. Brad and Marcia believe in the adage, "Happiness comes to he who works and plays but doesn't know the difference."

To challenge themselves and motivate others the Hagers set a goal to create one hundred millionaires. They are well on their way. At the time of this printing they have 30,000 people on their team, with millions of dollars of commissions being paid each year. They believe it will take three to five more years to accomplish their goal, at which time they may decide to go for some billionaires.

Brad Hager PoolWhen asked, "What do you look for in a person for the millionaire mentoring program?" both Brad and Marcia agree on three things: First, a person must be willing to work. Hard. Expect no free lunches.

Second, be extremely teachable; willing to change. Third-and above all-you must have a vision. As Helen Keller once said, "Better to be blind than have sight and no vision." Brad Hager agrees, saying, "There are two types of people in the world: Those who think they can, and those who think they can't, and they're both right. So, just think you can." I had to ask one more question (for my friend of course.) "Have you gotten all one hundred or do you have room for more people to be part of the millionaire mentoring program?"

Their reply was pretty straight forward, "You've heard it said that while many are called, few will be chosen? Most people want to be millionaires. Lots of people will start the journey but some tire and turn back along the way. This is a marathon not a sprint. We're still adding to the team and will continue to do so until the last of the one hundred has crossed the finish line".

Brad And Marcia HagerAs I drove away, my heart was warm and my spirit was lifted. Curiosity satisfied. I have a smile on my face because I have a strongsuspicion that nothing will stand in the way of Brad and Marcia creating one hundred millionaires.

“Happiness is he who works and plays and doesn’t know the difference” This is my wish for you, Brad Hager."



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Brad Hager and his wife Marcia have 37 years combined experience and have earned over $20 million in the network marketing industry.

They have trained and helped 10 people become millionaires and/or multi millionaires, and collectively built downline organizations of over 350,000 people with sales over a billion dollars.

Brad’s forte is mentoring and equipping leaders to not only build large organizations but to also amass teams that perform at high levels and create vast incomes.